Top Notch Tree Service is a privately owned company established in 2010. We specialize in providing safe, organized, environmentally friendly mulching services. We provide responsible solutions for the oil & gas, forestry, railway, agriculture, and construction industries.

We take pride in providing the appropriate personnel and equipment to suit each job’s requirements. We are focused on completing the scope of work safely, on time and to the customer’s satisfaction.

With environmental concerns being at the forefront of every industry, our mulching services provide the fastest, safest and most productive service in the industry. Mulching is cost efficient and reduces a company’s environmental footprint.

When you see our equipment at work, it is clean and ready to work, with little to no downtime.
Oil & Gas, Mining and Energy 
Top Notch Tree Service can provide you with the right land and brush clearing equipment and skilled operators for the following projects:

▪ Seismic Clearing (Mulching Seismic)
▪ Geophysical
 ▪ Pipeline Right of Ways (ROWs)
 ▪ Gas Lines and Hydro Lines
▪ Line Cutting
▪ Land Reclamations
▪ Lease Sites
▪ Mining
▪ Exploration
▪ Service Corridors
▪ Site Lines

Serving municipalities throughout Alberta is a growing part of our client base. We work on highways and roadways that require erosion control, stabilization and clearing. We provide unparalleled mulching and mechanical brushing services for:

▪ Municipal Corridors
▪ Widening ROW
▪ Flood Channel Control
▪ Roadway Clearing
▪ New Road Preparation Projects
▪ Rural and Urban Housing Developments
▪ Industrial Sites
▪ Boundaries
▪ Parks
▪ Resorts
▪ Campsites
▪ Spillways
▪ Waterways
▪ Railway Crossings

We provide state of the art mulching and brush clearing solutions for agricultural lands that require: ▪ Fence Line Clearing (New and Existing)

▪ Tree Line Clearing
▪ Pasture Reclamation
▪ Tree Farms
▪ Hunt Farms
▪ Disaster Clean-up
▪ Wind Breaks
▪ Boundaries and Trails
▪ Tree Line Re-growth
▪ Shelterbelt Enhancement
▪ Orchards
▪ Salvage Logged Areas

We have experience treating forest land and we have developed innovative methods to deal with dead or diseased vegetation. We also provide services for:

▪ Fire Breaks
▪ Fire Suppression
▪ Fuel Breaks
▪ Habitat Enhancements
▪ Nature Trails and Snowmobile Trails
▪ Flood Channel Controls
▪ Reduction of Slash Piles
▪ Prepare Re-seed Areas

The results of our landscape mulching services are fantastic! As a client, you don't have to do a thing. Whether you choose:

▪ total termination;
▪ clear cut areas (selected trees can be left unharmed); or
▪ rejuvenation of tree lines and shelterbelts. Applications are:
▪ Land Development
▪ Tree Line Rejuvenation and Hedging Rows for Re-growth
▪ Debris Clean-up
▪ Shelterbelt Enhancement and Rejuvenation
▪ Overgrowth Control
▪ All Shred/Mulch Site Projects


CMI C250 Hurricane Mulcher
CMi C175 Twister Mulcher
John Deere 333e Mulcher
John Deere 333D Mulcher
John Deere 333e Brush Mower
John Deere 333D Brush Mower
Vermeer BC1200Xl Wood Chipper
Chain Saws and Bush Saws
Side by Sides and Snowmoblies to Gain Access for Slashers
30' Goose Neck Trailer
34' Goose Neck Trailer
24' Tool and Supply Trailer
16' Dump Trailer
Dodge 3500 Work Trucks with Fueling Tanks